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Monday, 19 October 2009

High Res Z5 Photo

As promised on my newletter, here is a high res photos of the new Z5. However it really does look even better in the flesh so come over and have a look !

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ride of the falling leaves...

Its been a while since I went out on my own for a Sunday ride and I could not have picked a better day to end my famine...
It was one of those days that starts off very cold and you start to panic that you have not got enough clothes, but then the sun starts to rise and all is right with the world....

The above photo is my tribute to the last classic of the yr -the Ride of the falling Leaves. I spent a week in Como 3 yrs ago and would love to go back.
Notice the Parlee Z1 in full winter mode - Ambrosio tubs, proper pump etc
I was so inspired by Philipe Gilbert that I attempted to bomb down every descent I could. That lasted all of 30 seconds as I realized the roads were too wet for my skill level....

This photo is of Knatts Valley - its at the start of my ride and is a lovely warm up - you can take it easy or start to hammer it on the gradual climb depending on your mood (and fitness level). I was dismayed to see that my HR was at least 10 beats higher than it should be, but i really should not be surprised as work post Cycle Show has been very busy. In a way its actually gratifying to see that you really have to earn your fitness on the bike and cannot take it for granted - you put the miles in and you will be rewarded. Skimp on your training and you cannot bluff it as soon as the road points upwards !

So the headline statistics of the ride - 50 odd miles in just under 3 hrs are not earth shattering. But as a reminder of the simple joys of riding your bike on quite roads all by yourself without a care in the world this ride was wonderful.
Heres to a long, dry autumn!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Yes another CCC photo

One of the funny things of the show was seeing the amount of people come up to Brett and be in awe of his (increasingly tall) stories of CCC daring do....
He is already planning to do the event in 2010 so I need to find my excuses soon....

Cycle Show thank you's

Thanks to all who came to the booth and said hello - nice to see so many familiar faces
Like a proud father (!) I was also really pleased to hear such universally positive feedback for the new Parlee Z5
I also agree it looks far better in the flesh, the photos dont do it justice
A bold and exciting step forward for Parlee !

Saturday, 10 October 2009

London Cycle Show

Currently at the London Cycle Show - we are on stand E1a so please come and say hello.
Yesterday was the first public day and was manic - could not believe how many people took a day off of work !

What was really nice to hear was the amount of people who said the main reason for coming to the show was to see our stand in general and the new Parlee Z5 in particular
People even walked up to the booth and introduced themselves to me saying they had heard lots of nice things about Bespoke.....wonderful stuff. My wife is ensuring I dont get an even bigger ego than I currently have !

Saturday and Sunday will be crazy busy - lots of serious interest combined with loads of kids fueled on coke an chocolate trying to see how many fingerprints they can leave on bikes !

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Dave Arthur, who has just come back from this epic ride sent me this wonderful read

"Was the inaugural Cent Cols Challenge, a 10-day sportive around the Alps and Pyrenees, the hardest thing I’ve ever done, you may ask. Yes, absolutely without a doubt.

I’ve never done anything as hard, as punishing, as brutal, before. My body was pushed to the absolute limit. The mind too was challenged each and every day, with each stage serving up a five star menu of cols, many steeped in professional cycle racing legend.

The entire event was the brainchild of Phil Deeker, who to celebrate his 50th birthday got on his bicycle and rode 300 cols in 26 days. A feat of unimaginable daring. So naturally he decided to offer a slimmed down event to allow others to share in the experience that he himself enjoyed.

And so, on the 14th September 2009, 40 riders rolled out of a small hotel car park under the slowly rising sun, against a brilliant blue sky, and embarked on what for many would be the ride of their lifetime. There were many highs and lows along the way, broken bikes, injured bodies, creaking Campagnolo bottom brackets, bad wind, smelly shorts and socks. But there were also lots of smiles, laughs, a great deal of team morale, camaraderie, friendships, gentlemanly riding, support and a huge sense of achievement. Whether you were the first in the hotel bar or the last.

And quite incredibly, 10 days later nearly all those who started crossed the finish line. Yes, some were sidelined completely due to injury, some went home. But many found the strength to get back on their bikes once their knees had rested. And I say chapeau to every rider who faced their own struggles and personal demons to get through. I faced my own obstacles, but with the support of the many riders around and the deep desire to just finish, no matter at what costs, I battled through.

But every single person came away a different person. Stronger, wiser and happier. 106 cols the richer. For those who took part there are many memories to savour, but we’ve all shared in something special. Just d5on’t ask me if I’ll be doing it again, but if you get the chance to do it, I highly recommend it. You’ll never look back.

As for me, I’ve no perfected the thousand yard stare…"