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Friday, 14 December 2012

Mike's S-Works Venge

Here's Mike's Specialized S-Works Venge, a fantastic speed machine built up with Di2 for precision shifting and built to fit perfectly with Specialized's finest finishing kit:

The big red 'S' make some very fine bikes:

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR wheels fit perfectly with the stealthy look:

Yes, we take this much care over saddle adjustment...

At Bespoke we pride ourselves on our obsessional level of attention to detail. It's all about enabling you to get the most out of your bike, and yourself.

Correct fit is at the heart of what we do, but every bike that passes through our workshop benefits from the same levels of care and attention.

These hands belong to Jonny, our workshop manager - give him a call on 020 7837 0647 to talk about servicing, repairs or custom wheelbuilding.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

David's White Domane

We've just built this fantastic white Trek Domane for David.

 Built up as an extremely practical mile-muncher, but absolutely gorgeous to look at too. H Plus Son Archetype rims custom built onto Chris King hubs - a classic combo that's a favourite of our wheelbuilder - the 23mm wide rims give extra comfort and improved handling.

The decoupled seat tube (above) provides a little more comfort on less than perfect road surfaces. A seriously chunky bottom bracket (below) enures that no power is wasted. The perfect Sportive machine.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

John's Parlee Z5 SLi

We've just built up this beautifully co-ordinated Z5 SLi. True understated elegance, with fantastic ENVE bars, stem, seatpost and rims (custom built onto matching Chris King hubs):

Sidas Drywarmers - now in stock

It's an age-old problem - how to quickly and efficiently dry out your wet shoes, especially if you need to wear them again the next day.

Sidas have come up with a very neat solution: The Sidas Drywarmers are inserts which slip inside your shoes or boots, and then heat up to a toasty 50degrees C - enough to efficiently dry footwear without damaging synthetic or natural materials. Plus the built-in UV light has a natural anti-bacterial action to keep footwear fresh.

Far more effective than scrunched up newspaper, and an ideal gift for cyclists at this time of year. They work just as well at drying out gloves - they're compact enough to slip inside most sizes.

The Drywarmers are mains powered and come ready to use with a standard UK plug.
In stock now - just £25.00 a pair.