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Saturday, 26 March 2011

A win in Australia for Bespoke Cycling

I got this email from my man Nath - he has left the UK to return back home to Oz, and looking at the pics he has sent, he made the right move indeed !!

All the best bud, and hope to see you back in the UK for hols soon
And great job !

"First race back, and a win on the board! Wicked! It was a criterium on a tight, twisting circuit, and I tried my luck with a flyer about halfway through, but was never going to hang on until the end, so after about 5 laps out in front, I sat up, and jumped back in the bunch. The final corner wasn't tight, but it was only 20m from the finish line, so I worked out I had to be 1st or 2nd wheel into that to have a chance. So, I decided to treat the last bend as the finish line, and I opened the taps in the leadup to that corner. I managed to jump about 10 bike lengths in front, and hold that through until the finish. Bonus! I even picked up a trophy for my efforts!

I've thrown in a few pictures for you, as I happened to be wearing your gear. Mark it down as a win for Bespoke Cycling!

So, the bike is obviously still going strong. I am still loving riding the bike of my dreams. I haven't changed it at all, short of throwing the Zipp 404 tubs on there occasionally for hilly races (l'alpe d'Huez Tri for example). I always have to thank you for all of your help with getting this bike sorted. It looks awesome, is setup just how I wanted it, rides brilliantly, gives me endless pleasure, and clearly, is a bloody winner!"


Peter sent me a lovely email, and asked that I put this on the blog
Delighted to !

"At the time I first met Barry in the Autumn of 2010, I owned 2 Cervelos, (a Soloist and P3 TT bike) and was struggling to find form on the TT bike particularly. I'd been to other shops and had various fittings but the position never seemed quite right or especially quick.

Barry asked great questions and guided me to think about how I wanted to feel on the bike, which was refreshing. Combining his obvious experience with the benefits of advanced technology meant I had a lot of confidence to ask for what I wanted and not feel pushed in any particular direction. After 2 or 3 visits, my own conclusion was that the P3 frame was the wrong size and what I needed was a new TT bike - a win for everyone.

The subsequent purchase and riding of a TREK SC with Di2 groupset has exceeded my expectations, not to mention turned heads on the road. The "theoretical" position we worked out in the studio took a bit of getting used to on the road, but having persevered with it for 3 months I can confirm it is a very areodynamic set up and also lets me generate as much power as I can on the road bike.

In short, the end result is EXACTLY what you pay for - speed, power and relative comfort . I have a lot of SRM data and can confirm that on identical rides, the power needed on the TREK is at least 5 % lower than the power needed for the same speed / performance on the old P3 which is like raising threshold power by 5%. A fantastic outcome.

I would recommend anyone serious about getting comfortable, fast and more aerodynamic for TT or triathlon to use Bespoke Cycling."

Friday, 25 March 2011

My Z2

This is a very special bike because its mine!
Its actually a 4yr old Z2 that I sent back to Parlee and they refinished in a lovely blue tint clearcoat
It looks wonderful in the sun!
the great thing about Parlee's is you can ride them hard for 3 yrs and they get them completely refinished so they look like a brand new bike (just tell your wife that when you are justifying the cost of one....)

Wheels will be interchangeable, but I like how the red picks out the red in the Campy Super Record

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Piers' Z5SL

Another cracker - and this one is very special indeed
Z5SL, Lightweight Ventouxs, Super record, Edge cockpit and a Rotor/Quarq powermeter

Awesome !
Piers received it last Friday and was in the Spanish mountains Saturday morning...

Stock 2011 Z5

Resplendent in the Spring sunshine here is the 2011 colour scheme
We tried to play up the white so went with our team saddle, white bar tape and Arundel cage
The wheels are the new 2011 Mavic Ksyrium SRs

The cockpit is the Alu Zipp SL Service Corse stuff - its really nice

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sneak peak of the new shop

I am hoping by the start of April we are in this new space
This is a picture of the ground floor where we will have clothing, accessories, the service centre and a 'club room' where we can hang out and watch races etc

At the end is a staircase that leads to the lower ground floor where the main bike sales area, dedicated Multi-sports room and a big fitting studio will be

Cannot wait to move in !

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Scott's Z5 SL

Scott came to us with some parts off of his 10 yr old Seven
Our task was to build something as subtle as stealthy as a custom Ti bike, but with the performance of the latest carbon wonderbikes
I think we have achieved this:

We kept Scott's DA 7900 groupset (the matte grey really suits the frame) and his wheels, but put a new cockpit on (Thomson masterpiece post and X2 stem) and my favourite EC90 bars
Pedals are the Look Keo Blades with the Ti spindles (lovely!)

We also have the new Arundel Mandible cages in the wax finish which look great on the SL frames
Pride of place on this bike is the Cannondale BB30 crank and ceramic bearings
It just looks stealthy and mean; perfect for this build

Rich's Team sky Dogma

This came together really nicely
Originally Rich was going to get a Paris complete bike
As his budget was slightly raised (by him, I promise!) we realised we could build a Dogma to his exact spec

Its really nice - with the Campy Chorus, Neutron wheels, Team Bespoke Prologo saddle and Deda Zero 100 bars and stem (inc the Team sky stem)

Awesome !

Arthur's Z5SL XL

How do you spec a sub 7 kg bike for a chap who is 6' 5" and has a saddle height of 87cm
Easy - you get a XL Z5

Here is Arthur's new bike, which replaces his Specialized Roubaix and we are all very excited to hear how he get on with it
Its come out really nice with Anthena Carbon 11 speed, Neutron wheels and my favourite Easton EC90 bars

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring has arrived

Brett sent me this email
To mark the sun appearing he put a white saddle and bar tape on
Amazing the difference it makes!

Vanessa's Z5 (custom paint)

This is Vanessa's new bike - the paint is wonderful (I call it our Jimi Hendrix bike)
Vanessa was telling me that if she has a coffee stop other girls take pictures of here bike!

The main colour is plum, with white panels and pink decals

We built this late last year, its been brought in so we can put some Zipp 404s on the bike
Should be sweet!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Geralds Z1 custom (very special indeed)

I know we are spoilt here - we get to play with all the gucci kit
But even for us, this is a special build indeed

Its a Z1 custom with Di2 and the new Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels
Gerald has now taken the stickers of the wheels and says it looks much better !

Gerald has ordered a Kent Eriksen MTB with us for his trip to the rockies this summer, but before that he is doing alot of the stages of the Giro. And this is his weapon of choice....

A big fan of the etched decals....

I was cursing Gerald as he left yesterday - I thought I had finally gotten over my Di2 itch, but it is back with a vengeance again !

Ben's Z5 SL

Here is Ben's Z5 SL - its a cracking build, and just my size so I have been asking to borrow it when we go on our Sunday rides !
It came together really nicely -SRAM force BB30, Mavic SL wheels and a really nicely cockpit combo of Easton EC90, Thomson stem and post and a Fizik Antares

We tried to emphasize the white of the wheels, the saddle and the SRAM force