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Friday, 23 May 2014

More friends in high places

We're always pleased to see the difference a bike fit can make. Here's Mark at the top of Mount Biokovo, a 5800ft climb that acted as the perfect ending to three days of cycling across Croatia.

That isn't a bespoke bike in the photo, but Mark was able to transfer the contact points across from the fitting he had with Helena.

"My proudest moment on a bike" says Mark, "I set the hire bike up with the fitting notes from the Retül session and I was not in any pain, and felt like I was riding at top performance - so thanks!".

We're glad to have helped! Mark's next challenge is a night ride in aid of Cancer Research UK.

If you have any photos of you or your Bespoke bike do please send them in, we love to see where you get to, near or far. Or if you like the idea of reaching high places as comfortably and efficiently as possible get in touch, we know we can help.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Glorious Gipfelsturms

We're really looking forward to opening the UK's first Lightweight Concept Store next year, inside our new Canary Wharf flagship store. In the meantime, we have the complete range of Lightweight wheels in stock right here in Farringdon.

These awesome full-carbon Gipfelsturm black edition wheels arrived yesterday, and were sold within hours of arriving... but I did manage to sneak them into the photo studio for a few quick snaps.

The "SchwartzEd" wheels have a distinctive all-black look (even the wheelbags have black Lightweight logos on them, rather than the usual white - now there's attention to detail!). But the difference is more than just skin deep - they also boast CeramicSpeed bearings for increased lifespan and decreased resistance.

With a shallow section and 20 spokes front/24 spokes rear, the Gipfelsturms are Lightweight's all-rounders - strong enough to ride hard, but only 1065g per pair. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these soon.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Anant's Look 566

The Look 566 is a great all-rounder from a brand with real race heritage and a huge amount of class. Look's distinctive "kink" in the top tube is testimony to their innovation and helps to make this bike stand out in a crowd, but as always there's sound reasoning behind it - the tubes are shaped to give some extra compliance and comfort.

Look have carefully balanced the mix of components to give outstanding value. Ultegra shifters up front prioritise tactile quality and pin-sharp shifting exactly where you need it most.

Always a stylish choice, Look have decided to keep the carbon weave visible, which makes for a very classy looking bike. Lime green details bring the whole thing to life.

Wishbone seat stays keep things under control for precise handling, whilst the flattened profile of the seat stays adds comfort. Combined with "sportive" geometry (longer head tube and shorter top tube) this is a bike with racing heritage that's ideally suited to long days in the saddle.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Super light SuperSix climbs like a dream

Is that a sunset in the background? Sorry, I was admiring this Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod black nano - an awesomely light bike tricked out with Zipp 202s and Shimano Di2 groupset. Seen here at the highest point in Johannesburg.

The ultimate machine for getting up to a great view... We were pleased to work with Greg to find his ideal bike and ensure it fits perfectly.

Friday, 9 May 2014

A stealthy Parlee ESX for James

We built this ESX for James to give a perfect balance between aerodynamic performance and comfort for long days in the saddle. No other frame strikes such a perfect balance, and the rest of the components have been carefully selected to do it justice. The Enve wheels are just the right depth to offer improved aerodynamics without sacrificing comfort, light enough to climb well, and with their curved profile they will handle well even on a windy day.

The ESX's distinctive shape gives superb aero benefits at the front, where they are of most benefit. The rear of the bike is still exceptionally aerodynamic and transfers power efficiently, but is also designed to be comfortable on less-than-perfect road surfaces.


A typically neat cockpit - the Bontrager bars are flattened on top for that extra aero benefit, but this also makes them especially comfy when riding on the tops.

Shimano Di2 electronic shifting has quickly established itself as the default choice for a high performance bike - fast, effective and reliable. Internal cable routing and elegant tube shapes make for a frame that looks great from any angle.

Adamo's Typhoon saddle is the perfect match for the ESX, designed with the same ethos - it's equally suited to time trials, triathlons and general road riding. With gel padding and a little extra width, it's comfy too. As always, a full Bespoke bike fit ensures that you end up on the right saddle to suit your shape and riding style.

The neatly integrated seat clamp has aerodynamic benefits, and also allows the fluted "recurve" profile to extend into the seatpost - keeping things efficient and aero all the way up. The rear brake is mounted down low, behind the bottom bracket, so it's out of the wind (and which also keeps the rear end looking neat and tidy).

Typically understated details round out a very cohesive bike.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

James's Custom Painted Z5

One of the many reasons we love Parlee are their custom paint schemes. Anything you want, they can do. This Z5 is sporting a classic gloss white finish, brought to life with some Lamborghini green accents.

SRAM Red, in green, perfectly complements the colour scheme, and is one of the lightest groupsets you can get.

The clean lines of the Z5 always look great in light colours. A white frame will never go out of fashion.

Lightweight's Meilenstein clinchers - just 1180 grams per pair, but incredibly strong.

SRM power measuring cranks, with Cannondale SISL crank arms to keep things light and stiff. And of course a subtle green highlight to tie everything together.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Anthony's Look 695

This is one of those bikes that looks fast standing still, and the modern spin on the classic "La Vie Claire" paint scheme really sets it off beautifully.

Look are all about integration. The integrated seatpost has an interchangeable elastomer bumper (red one pictured) which can be swapped out for different densities to make the ride stiffer or more supple.

The Aerostem stem can be adjusted to different angles, making them extremely versatile, with a wide clamping area for extra security.

Look's own ZED 2 cranks are included with the frameset, and come in one neatly integrated piece - the left and crank arms are bonded together and fitted by passing through the oversized bottom bracket in one piece, for ultimate stiffness and light weight. An elliptical insert for the pedals allows adjustment between 170, 172.5 and 175mm length without needing to change the cranks.

A neat rear triangle thanks to the rear brake being hidden away behind the bottom bracket, giving improved aerodynamics.

The front is equally neat, with the aero brake calipers seamlessly blending into the front forks.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ben's Parlee Z-Zero

The ultimate do everything bike? This Zero is fast, light and comfortable. Shimano Di2 electronic drivetrain for effortlessly reliable shifting, Zipp 202 wheels for high performance on any road surface, rounded out with our favourite Enve finishing kit for utterly reliable comfort.

 The green headtube logo is a nice personal touch, the stealthy gloss downtube logo is part of this bike's subtly understated approach. Speedplay pedals and the awesome Arundel bottle cages round out the complete package.

Classic lugged construction, with the carbon weave on show, highlighting the quality of workmanship that goes into these hand-made frames. Parlee seatclamp and front mech clamp keep things elegantly co-ordinated.

A little flash of colour tucked away inside the chain stays. This is a bike that doesn't need to shout to stand out.

De-badged Enve seatpost (and stem) perfectly complement the Parlee's Enve-supplied tubing, and round out the understated aesthetic. A carbon-railed Aliante saddle keeps things comfortable, and light.