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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday ride

Despite my best intentions, this was not a day to take out the Z5. For one thing I have 23mm racing tyres on it and would have punctured within 5 minutes
So I decided to take out the old faithful, my Kent Eriksen fixed
It can look gorgeous when its wearing its summer finest, though at present its slightly less glamarous but infinitely more practice
with the addition of a proper frame pump, some good lights and some 25mm Panaracer tyres that ride like cement but have been puncture proof for 2 winter seasons now

The old adage that 2 hours on a fixie is the same as 3 hrs may be debated by some, but I am a convert. There is nothing better than going out on a bike with no electronic gadgets, HRMs, speedometers etc
Just ride on feel....
A fixe is great for building leg strength on decent 5% gradient climbs, and is also perfect for improving that most intangible of goals: Souplesse
Now Bartoli I may not be, but when you get into a groove and everything seems to click, there is a wonderful mechanical simplicity about fixed gear riding.
Even better is when you come home and you can throw some water over your bike, give it a quick clean and you are done. No mechs to worry about
A Ti fixed gear bike is an indulgence, but if you do treat yourself it will become your 'go to bike' far more often than you think
And when the weather improves and the main cycling season starts you can look forward to getting back on that carbon wonderbike that you have pampered all winter !

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