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Monday, 9 August 2010

Michael's TT bike

This is the bike that will take Michael to glory at the Cologne Ironman distance event this September !

Its a ML Parlee TT bike with the higher HT option, full Dura Ace 7900 but with the Zipp R2C carbon shifters, the new 3T brezza Aerobars and some cracking Zipp 606 Tubs

Michale came in for his final fitting this morning and was really pleased, as we are with the outcome


Chris said...

gamiglyWow! Those Zipp R2C carbon shifters will make all the difference!!

Jhoan said...

PAWN! with the higher HT option, Michale can't loose!

Chris said...

Michael is such a rockstar!

Anonymous said...

that happens if collegues have too much time. And to me they claim to be busy :-)

Lawrence said...

I thought only Puff Daddy had a bike like this one. Its awesome Michael. Personally I prefer the PP bike with the lower HT option . Have you tried it? Beyonce said she likes that one too but cant afford it until she writes another song