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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jeremy's TT

This one is a cracker!
Jeremy lives in Hong Kong and already has a Parlee Z4. This summer he emailed me to say he was looking at getting a TT bike, and when he was next in London could he come in for a fitting....
As Jeremy has never had a TT bike before (he used to do his Triathlons on a road bike) we did a number of fits to get him used to the new position. Luckily he was over on business in London on 3 occasions, so we did 3 separate fittings to dial in the position

It all got very tight at the end - he ordered the bike 3 weeks ago and was only in London for 1 day, so we had 3 weeks to order the frame, the parts (and there is some serious exotica here) have it arrive and built up

Jeremy arrived in London yesterday at 9 am and we did one last fitting (palying around with extension lengths and shapes etc) before Jean had to cable the bike up and then I had to put t in a bike bo before Jeremy's flight that evening
So it was slightly stressful, as we knew we had a defined period to get it ready or jeremy was going on the place without his new bike....

As you can see it all came out alright in the end, and we are thrilled with the result:

This is a XL TT bike with the 'ghost' decals
Jeremy eventually went for 3T LTD aerobars with Ski-extensions, Shimano Di2 and the new sublime Zipp 404 carbon clinchers

Jeremy's first race on it is this weekend and I have begged him for some race photos from Hong Kong

The 'ghost' decals look wonderfully subtle on this bike and contrast perfectly with the rich dark clearcoat

Di2 - once you try it on a TT bike you will never go back !

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