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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Wunder bike...

When we first announced we were going to be working with Trek I had a few of my most loyal customers call to express their concern that we were losing our focus and moving more 'mass market'
I assured them that was not the case. Simply put I want to be able to offer the best products in the world and Trek have a huge pedigree in pro Tour road bikes, full suspension MTBs and also speed rocket TT machines

As someone who dabbles in the occasional TT and Triathlon, the Speed Concept is a bike I have been very much looking forward to getting my hands on. It is incredibly advanced, with its hidden brakes in the forks, integrated stem/bar front end and the integrated storage system at the back of the bike. The Speed Concept is so clean.....

And with the help of Peter, we got our dream assignment: This project really is a 'best of the best':

Speed Concept with Project One graphics (we went for a monochrome look throughout)
Zipp 1080 front wheel and Super 9 disk
SRM DA powermeter

Peter is coming off of a Cervelo P3 which is no slouch itself, but he called me up after his first Richmond Park shakedown ride to say the bike is amazing and that the bike fits him like a glove
Wishing you many quick miles !

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