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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dream winter bikes

It used to be that a 'winter bike' was very much a poor relation
An ill fitting, heavy bike with all your old/unwanted parts
The bike would be a pig to ride and thus you would take your summer bike out whenever you could

Working with the guys at Firefly has been a breath of fresh air
Sure we have done a number of 'classic' road bikes with them this year, but the real beauty of their custom approach has been when it comes to putting modern twists on urban riding
Boston gets as bad weather as London, so the guys are well versed in the need for mud-guards, wider tyres, longer chainstays etc
Previously you had to use a long reach fork and brakes to get full mud-gaurds to work
We have now found a solution which removes this need, so you can use a dedicated Enve road fork and nromal road brakes
This saves almst half a pound in weight, and vastly improves stopping power
when spring comes you simply take the mud-guards off and pt them in storage for another year and you have a road bike that you can train, race and do sportives on

Just how cool are these custom mud-guards !


Daniel said...

That's my bike!! And let me tell you, it looks much cooler in person! I can't wait for the rainy rides I've avoided in the past.


Bespoke said...

Hi Daniel
You are a man of immense taste !
All the very best - many happy and safe miles



Bloc hornet said...

those mud guards are totally awesome!

tigger said...

the bike looks great. how much for the frameset? are firefly only custom build.

Facebook Page Design said...

Interesting handle bars, never seen them go down and under like that before...perhaps I am a little old fashioned when it comes to bikes? haha