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Monday, 5 December 2011

Assos Robocap 607 review

I have been wearing this for a number of weeks now, and it really came into its own on yesterday's (disgusting) ride. There was a real biting wind wherever we went and it cut through my clothes quite badly. My head stayed blissfully warm, but never overheated when we were climbing.
I am a big fan of warm hats; if I have a warm head, feet and hands I am a much happier rider!
Last year I wore the Assos Stinger cap, which was good but was quite big in volume. So much so that it really affected how you wore a helmet underneath.
This years Robocap is much slimmer, and even warmer. Its double thickness around the ears and forehead so its lovely and warm. But the real surprise is just how snug it is. I only need to widen my Giro helmet by one click to fit perfectly.

A nice touch is the reflective bands front and rear, and the hooks on the side that you are meant to thread your glasses through.

Downsides are mainly related to its looks- you either look like a WWII fighter pilot or (more disconcertingly) and extra from the first series of Blackadder.

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