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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sidas Drywarmers - now in stock

It's an age-old problem - how to quickly and efficiently dry out your wet shoes, especially if you need to wear them again the next day.

Sidas have come up with a very neat solution: The Sidas Drywarmers are inserts which slip inside your shoes or boots, and then heat up to a toasty 50degrees C - enough to efficiently dry footwear without damaging synthetic or natural materials. Plus the built-in UV light has a natural anti-bacterial action to keep footwear fresh.

Far more effective than scrunched up newspaper, and an ideal gift for cyclists at this time of year. They work just as well at drying out gloves - they're compact enough to slip inside most sizes.

The Drywarmers are mains powered and come ready to use with a standard UK plug.
In stock now - just £25.00 a pair.

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