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Friday, 21 June 2013

Helena's Big Adventure. Chapter 6 - The Final Countdown!!!

Start time 12:58:20.

Received my last emails from the organizers, that included my start time. This is the moment when it all gets very real. This is the moment I get a bit nervous and start to panic a bit. But that's not the only thing to panic about!

Last Friday I realized that the nice Trek Madone demo bike I've been riding will not be available for the race weekend. A week away from my first ever tri race and I have no bike! My typical response is running around in a panic mode, rather than sitting down and thinking it over. By Monday I decided that it was not completely impossible to do a good time on my town bike, my Green Beast, my single-speed. Ben had nicely offered me his bike as well, would need to run a shorter stem, but still a solution. Only, what will people expect of me if I turn up with a Parlee?! ;)

After annoying all with my problem for a while, I ended up buying a new bike. Wasn't planning to do it for few more months but hey(!!!), summer is here! Bike arrived on Thursday and our lovely mechanic Craig even came in early on Friday morning to build it up for me. And Ben gave me a hand in adjusting last few bits – I got my very own handover fit! I only have been fitted on the Retul Muve before. As it goes – when you fit a lot of people, there is not a lot of time left for your own fitting. I am really fussy about my position on the bike. I will know if you've changed even a few millimeters. It was therefore very important for me to get it right. I always suffer from a pain over my knee if the seat is too far back. In this position the quads can't get fully extended, so there is more tension on the tendons that cross the knee cup. I am glad we found time to quickly check my body angles, as we actually ended moving my seat a bit further forward. Now I’m ready!

And my bike!!! A lovely Trek Madone 4.7, full Shimano Ultegra groupset! Loving it! I can't express enough in words, so I have been jumping up and down in excitement all day!

Bike was the biggest part of the story! Other things I have sorted out bit by bit over the last few months. I have a big check list. I have a tri-suit, to save time on changing. Hope the weather stays warm for it. I have elastic shoelaces and number belt. I have planned my transitions and practiced them. I just really have to hope that I do not forget to buckle my helmet up before touching my bike!

How bad can it really go in 200m swim, 12.5km bike leg and 2.5km run? It will all be over before I even realize it has started! Fingers crossed!

I will report if I survive! ;)

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