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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Trois Etapes look back

Well the dust is starting to settle and we're taking a look back at the fantastic Trois Etapes. Over $2.2 Million raised for charity so far from this year's event (and over $4 Million in the last 12 months). What an incredible amount, and we had as great a time supporting it as the riders did taking part!
Hats off to Cosaveli for their great organisation of such a massive event. You'd never think this was only the second time round. Here's everyone starting to arrive, in blazing Alpine sunshine:

Most of our mechanic team flew out via Geneva, but Jaguar were kind enough to loan us an XF Sportbrake (yep, same as Team Sky use), and so a couple of us got to cruise down through France in ultimate comfort (and from Calais to the heart of the Alps on a single tank of fuel!)

Here's the workshop set up for the next few days:

And I don't think the mechanics were complaining about the change of scene from central London - here's the view from the back of the "workshop":

It wasn't all views and sunshine, though - the lads worked long into the night to keep everyone's bikes running smoothly. Here they are working by the light of the car headlights:

The assembled support cars made for a pretty impressive lineup, each team had their own dedicated follower car...

...and a team leader borrowed from the ranks of past and present pro cycling, including big names such as Carlos Sastre and a certain Mr Bobby Julich:

It was great to see the teams working so well together, their dedication and determination was awe inspiring:

Here's a few more random images to give a bit of a flavour of the event. Check out for some proper professional photos (we were too busy working to take many ourselves!) and look out for highlights of the event coming to Channel 4 TV in the not too distant future...

Look forward to 2014!

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