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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Trek Speed Concept 9 is here

The new top-of-the-range 9 series Trek Speed Concept is here, and yet again Trek have managed to take things up a notch, with even more clever aero features. We couldn't resist getting it into the photo studio:

The full-foil shape of the fork is incredibly aero, and the front brake is completely integrated to help reduce drag.

The new Speed Fin, mounted under the bottom bracket, increases the aero profile and improves braking performance as well as improving aerodynamics.

The latest one-piece bars are integrated into the frame, for an incredibly sleek profile, and are also very practical (and quite something to look at!).

Tube shapes have been further refined this year to make this the slipperiest, speediest Speed Concept yet (for example the bulge here at the junction of seat tube and top tube). Plus the Speed Storage box is back, providing useful space for stowing spares or food, and the bike is actually more aero with it fitted than without.
Available now, in off-the-peg or custom Project One configuration.

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