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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Assos Winter Wardrobe

With winter starting to bite this week we've been looking to our Assos winter wardrobe for warmth. The heavyweight Assos T.607 S5 Bibshorts are perfect for this time of year, adding extra warmth without the bulk, and twin brilliantly with knee or leg warmers. Assos has developed a 3D air-channel structure creating a next-to-body micro air cushion which results in superb heat retention and dryness by lowering the garment volume and thickness. Assos fit and comfort is second to none and comes as standard.

We also have good stock of the iJ.shaqUno jacket which excels with only a base layer, and can be worn all winter long. Just choose a lighter or heavier ASSOS bodyInsulator or similar base layer and the shaqUno will perform in even the coldest conditions.

The jacket features a double-face construction, with two layers attached at strategic points rather than being bonded together. This improves movement, and more importantly creates an air chamber between the layers to regulate heat. With Assos RX soft fleece as the inner layer, the shaqUno is a pleasure to wear when temperatures plummet.

When things turn wet the rS.strurmPrinz EVO jacket, another Bespoke favourite, assures rain protection as well as a solid barrier against the cold wind. Mixing waterproof panels with highly breathable areas away from key zones, the sturmPrinz achieves the perfect balance between keeping the rain out and regulating body temperature. After all, what's the point of keeping out all that rain if your jacket gets wet on the inside from your own body heat? Indeed this is a common complaint about cheap waterproofs for cycling.  It's usually the lack of breathability that leads to you getting wet rather than the fabric failing to keep out the rain.

 So come in and try them on. We also have a selection of gloves, base layers and more that we will be happy to advise you on. Embrace winter riding with Assos.

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