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Saturday, 5 December 2009


Today Dean and I took the the expected good weather to be a signal to make Saturday our long ride instead of the usual Sunday. We went around an area of Kent I have not cycled much in - as far east as Goudhurst
It was a perfect route for this time of year, a few rolling hills to keep it interesting but mainly lots of flat roads where you could keep the effort level high enough to keep warm but not too high where you sweat and then get a chill

All in all it was just under 5hrs door to door - and thus the longest ride for many months
I am sure I will feel it tomorrow

I love an early start, everything has such promise for the ride ahead

This part of Kent is full of wonderful old pubs. I keep on meaning to take my wife their afterwards for Sunday lunch, but by the time I have gotten home all I want to do is fall asleep on the sofa

After I left Dean I had about an hr to get home. On the way I saw these 2 cycists in the distance on a gradual climb. Motivated, I big ringed it up to them and was pleased with how easily I had caught them - I still have it I thought.....
When I passed them I said hello, trying to look as unruffled as possible but my joy turned to embarrassment when I realized they were both in their 60s. If I can ride like that in 30 years I willbe a happy man

By all accounts I should have taken the IF winter bike, but I was desperate to take the Z5 out and the weather was meant to be dry and sunny. What I did not take into account was the state of the roads and this is the result, but I console myself that this is a demo/media bike and journalists will treat it far worse !

In February, I posted a photo of my then 3 month old puppy. Back by popular demand here he is again - dont they grow up fast !


Unknown said...

How was the Z5? Will you be posting a review soon?

Barry Scott said...

Yes it was. I will be doing a proper right up soon. In the meantime I have posted the RCUK review