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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday base ride

This morning the weather was terrible so I took the opportunity to gain brownie points around the house. My reward was that by 11 the sky had turned blue and it was time to ride
I met Brett (like Dean another founding member of the Bespoke Cycing Race Team) and we decided on a 2.5 hr base ride - trying to keep it nice and steady at around 130-140 bpm and not go over that too dramatically on the climbs

Inspired by the challenge of climbing Star Hill in under 4 minutes we decided to see how long it takes when you ride at a steady pace without pushing it. My HR was 140 at the middle of the climb and slowly hit the 150s at the top. It was only when we finished that I looked at my watch and saw it took 5 and half minutes !!
So I need to find 90 secs somewhere. Obviously really pushing it will reduce the time dramatically, but I am still not sure that will account for the 90 seconds. Work to do !

If you look closely you can see Brett coming round the last bend of Star. Its here, on the false flat, that you would have to really dig deep and push it if you were chasing a time. As it was we had the luxury of still spinning to that top. After all, the slower we are now the more impressive our 'improvements' will seem !

Most of the ride was actually below 130, and after yesterdays longish ride it felt nice to be out again and in the sunshine
This has been the best 2 days of riding for a long while, and I feel I have my mojo back
How long it will last is anyones guess !


Unknown said...

Good work on getting out yesterday. The pictures are great. I could have taken a photo of my ride yesterday, but you would have just seen a rainy view from garage, as I laboured away on the turbo.

I rode over to Goudhurst/Cranbrook last weekend. I took the Pilgrims Way route past Kemsing, and then through Yalding, but there was a busy stretch of road past Wrotham which I would want to avoid. Do you log your rides on Garmin Connect or the like?

Barry Scott said...

No - but Brett has a 705, and Dean is about to buy one so I will get them to send it over. I could soon include my SRM data but that may not show me in a flattering light.....