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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The last bike I will ever own??

Its certainly the best bike I have ever had (and I have had a few !)

Its a Z1 custom with a wax finish and a wireless SRM and internally routed Di2
Am still playing around with finishing kit, but the Easton bars will definitely stay!

Wheels today are the lovely Reynolds 46 clinchers
For 'A' races I will put on some Zipp 303 tubs

I am a big fan of power - have not been using it for a while and have missed it. So I am going to get properly stuck back into my training now....

The star attraction - Parlee are now doing full internal Di2 routing on the Z1, 2 and 3
It makes the bike look super slick !

This is the Di2 satellite shifter - it means you can change gear when you are riding on the top of the bars. I love climbing in this position so was super excited when they finally became available to us mortals !

We decided to etch our logo into the fork - subtle but very cool !

And how does she ride?
Like an angel - seriously just ridiculously good
The frame arrived this week and I promised I would not ridden it until I got fitter and 'deserved' it. But I crumbled and am delighted I did. I have no excuses now and cannot make to put many a happy mile on my new dream bike

Its like being a kid at christmas all over again.....


Admin - SBNG said...

Nice aren't they?

I have a non-di2 full custom Z1 (yes, I know di2 is wonderful, but I like cables - must just be old school that way!) and she rides better than I ever felt possible.

Amazing how they do if for the money frankly.

Enjoy her!

Dean said...

That is one drop-dead beautiful bike. Looks fast standing still...