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Friday, 24 June 2011

Phil's Firefly Ti

Here is Phil's 40th birthday present
Phil was a very loyal IF customer, so it was really cool to be able to show him what Firefly was all about

The bike has Super Record, Deda Campione bars and Neutron Ultra wheels (though some carbon hoops may be on their way....)
Pic was taken before positional changes (see below)

And here is what Phi had to say after his first ride today:

Hey Bud:

Have started to dial the bike in, have dropped the stem by 10mm all ready and saddle by about 5mm, think the stem can go another 5mm at least but it's great to have the option and play around with things..., the tape is lovely, good recommendation, as are the cages if a little tight, just me getting used to them vs my old skool Ti Kind cages of the past, at least i won't lose any bottles!

Awesome bike, rides just as I expected and then some, very compliant and comfortable, yet responsive and agile when needed. Climbs like a goat seems much more efficient than the IF in many ways, speed, compliance, climbing and power to motion seems to be very responsive.

Quality of frame and fork is outstanding, finishing is exceptional

Basically took it out for 40miles along potholed and rough country lanes, it eats the road up, did quite a few climbs including a 20%, couple of 12% and one 17%, plus lots of smaller stuff around 7/8%, it is a lovely ride, one of those bikes that you just want to ride and then however far you've ridden do one more climb for the fun of it, even though your legs are saying no way:-)

Reckon that's testament to how sweet it is, I love it.

Please say a huge thanks to Jamie, Tyler and Kevin, they know their sh*t......

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Anonymous said...

How many more punters will switch to
Firefly now that IF has shed it's old skin and core'? What happened!!?