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Friday, 29 July 2011

Look 695 (tester)

In the UK Look and Zipp are imported by the same company
We do alot of Look pedals and Zipp wheels and our rep has been trying to get us to stock Look frames as well
It helps in that he has an ally in Ben, who used to race a Look track bike when he was with the GB U-23 squad....

I relented an said I was keen to have a look as I have heard great things on the 695 - but a test ride period would be vital !

Here is our tester - please feel free to come and borrow it (if you can grab it off of Ben!)

This thing will NOT flex
It also has a very clever system whereby you can change the angle of the stem - limiting spacers and increasing front end stiffness

The crank is sold as part of the fuselage and is a real star. Its super stiff and you can change the effective crank length (so you can experiment with 170 vs 175 for instance). It also takes both compact and standard chain-ring sizes, so you can change over for the marmotte and then keep the 53/39 when you are doing some racing.....


velocity boy said...

I may well take you up on that, been looking at Look recently, and also haven't seen your new premises. Might just be time to come pay a visit. Monday lunchtime then?

Barry Scott said...

See you then