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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

First Obermayers in the UK!

This has to be the lightest pile of wheels we've had in the shop:

Yes, the new Lightweight Obermayers have launched, and we have the first ones in the UK.

935g a pair, the stiffest in the Lightweight range, and so obsessively fine-tuned that they even laser-etched the logo (saving 20 grams worth of sticker in the process).

Here's the first one, freshly unwrapped and straight into the Bespoke photo studio:

Oh, and there's also the new Lightweight Autobahn disc. The stiffest, lightest aero wheel you can buy (the rear is an incredible 780 grams). And it's not bad looking, either:


Chris Lamb said...


I'll bite - how much is the disc and a (roughly) FC808 equivalent front?

Iain Roberts said...

Hi Chris,

They are lovely, aren't they?

The Autobahn rear disc, pictured above, is £2199.

The front equivalent to the 808 Firecrest would be the new Autobahn FW8 (so called because it has just 8 spokes - super strong at just 830 grams) which comes in at £1999.

Just give us a shout if you want to know more! 020 7837 0647 /