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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Trek Expand Project One Custom Program

We've said it before, we love Trek's Project One custom program because it allows you to customise your bike's paint colour, cable colour, wheel decals, hood colour and more whilst upgrading/downgrading the components to your budget. From a fitters perspective it's great as well because we can spec the bike with exactly the right bar width, stem length, crank length and saddle type/width. If you think that a custom bike is out of your price range??? Think again.....

Trek have now rolled the program out across an even wider range of bikes to give custom options at a price point that has never been seen before. Project One is now available for the Madone and Domane 4 Series and the Speed Concept 7 Series.

First up, the 4 Series Domane takes the design of the higher end 6 and 5 Series models and gives you that technology at a much lower price point. The IsoSpeed decoupler isolates the vertical forces whilst keeping the lateral stiffness and efficiency. This technology took Fabian Cancellara to victory in both the Tour of Flanders and the Paris Roubaix. 

These bikes will be available with custom paint for as little as £2290 (single colour and 105 components) and as short as a 36 day lead time. Have a play with the configurator here: Trek Domane 4 Series Configurator.

The brand new 4 Series Madone brings the aero KVF tube shapes from the 7, 6 and 5 series bikes into the sub £3k price point making it a perfect race or triathlon machine. The bike also capable of incorporating the DuoTrap wireless speed and cadance sensor as well as including a built in chain catcher.

These bikes will also be available with as little as a 36 day lead time and start at just £2200 for a single colour option and 105 components. If a race bike is what you're looking for, here's the link to the Madone configurator: Trek Madone 4 Series Configurator

Lastly, we are super excited about the new 7 Series Speed Concepts. This brings all the aero advantages of the 9 Series in at a lower price point. The 2013 7 Series was good, but didn't include the integrated brakes and bars from the 9 Series. The new 2014 7 Series is different. While it isn't quite as light as it's 9 Series big brother, it still tips the scales at less than the outgoing 2013 9 Series. It also includes the integrated brakes and bars from the more expensive model, making it just as aero as it's big brother and crucially, just as adjustable.

Now consider that this triathlon and time trial weapon could be yours for as little as £3670 with a 105 groupset....... that's a lot of bang for your buck. Let your imagination run wild with the configurator here: Trek Speed Concept 7 Series Configurator

When you've built your dream bike, save it, email the details to us and we'll put together a full quote including estimated lead times. We'll include the cost of a bike fit for any build over £2500. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on 0207 8370647 or email

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