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Monday, 4 January 2010

My bike (one of...)

When I am chatting to a client about the spec of their new bike, I often get asked what sort of bike I ride
I have to sheepishly admit I have more than a few, so thought I would show some photos of the fleet

Please note all these bikes are in the studio and are part of the demo fleet
They are not display bikes, and are expected to work for a living, so please let me know if you wish to borrow them for an extended test ride

The first bike I have is my biggest indulgence - a Parlee Z1 custom
Its based of a stock 57 Z1, but I just shortened the TT to 570mm and we added a very subtle TT slope of 2 degrees

Those of you who have had a bike fit from me will be pleased to see I practice what I preach. I love shallow compact bars and find they allow a far smoother transition and much greater versatility of hand positions. I much prefer a long stem for climbing (in this case a 130) and with short bars this is easy to achieve whilst not forcing you to over reach in the hoods

When I can, I will always run on tubs
These were built on Reflex rims by master Wheelbuilder Rob Pennell (he is the chap who does all the Edge wheebuilds)
An 11-23 cassette is very PRO, unfortunately I often need much more help than this!

As you can see, the bikes are clearly not for display only !

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