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Monday, 25 January 2010

Sunday base ride (again)

Rode with 'Dangerous' Dave Arthur and Brett this Sunday
The aim was to do a Reliability ride near Otford. As we all had Garmins we though it would be easier to just download the route and do it ourselves - especially useful as the other two had to get up very early as they had 90 mins of riding before they even got to the start

The ride was great - lots of early season banter and false (and short lived) attacks up some ramps
Looking down at the Garmin was dismayed to see my average HR was 115 - I know its a base ride but that is getting silly !

Coming home and the pace got a bit better, mainly as the sun had gone for the day and it was getting cold again
All in all a 4 hour ride, and looking forward to next weeks Hell of the Ashdown

Link to the ride here (from Brett who came in from London)

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