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Monday, 25 January 2010

Changing contact points

Reading Cyclingnews I saw this about LA.:

Armstrong’s position on the bike has been also been adjusted by the team since the conclusion of last year’s Tour de France. Bruyneel said they had to start from scratch as Armstrong hadn’t saved the data from his previous term as a professional cyclist. "His position looks good right now. He’s currently looking very, very differently on the bike and he feels a lot better," said Bruyneel. "There’s quite a bit of difference. Last year his seat height was a lot lower and we don’t really know why, he’d kind of lost all the references of earlier on [in his career]. Since the 2009 Tour de France finished we have started to work on his position and it’s a bit different but I think the biggest difference people see is he’s a lot smaller. His upper body is very different."

I still cannot understand how you can forget your saddle height as a pro cyclist?
On the other hand it does emphasize the point about your body, and your bike position, not existing in a vacuum. As your body changes (weight gain or loss, increase/decrease in mileage/intensity, increase/decrease in core strength/flexibility) then your contact points must change to accommodate this. So a Retul fitting is in effect a photograph in time, and we need to re-evaluate this on an ongoing basis

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