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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Peter sent me a lovely email, and asked that I put this on the blog
Delighted to !

"At the time I first met Barry in the Autumn of 2010, I owned 2 Cervelos, (a Soloist and P3 TT bike) and was struggling to find form on the TT bike particularly. I'd been to other shops and had various fittings but the position never seemed quite right or especially quick.

Barry asked great questions and guided me to think about how I wanted to feel on the bike, which was refreshing. Combining his obvious experience with the benefits of advanced technology meant I had a lot of confidence to ask for what I wanted and not feel pushed in any particular direction. After 2 or 3 visits, my own conclusion was that the P3 frame was the wrong size and what I needed was a new TT bike - a win for everyone.

The subsequent purchase and riding of a TREK SC with Di2 groupset has exceeded my expectations, not to mention turned heads on the road. The "theoretical" position we worked out in the studio took a bit of getting used to on the road, but having persevered with it for 3 months I can confirm it is a very areodynamic set up and also lets me generate as much power as I can on the road bike.

In short, the end result is EXACTLY what you pay for - speed, power and relative comfort . I have a lot of SRM data and can confirm that on identical rides, the power needed on the TREK is at least 5 % lower than the power needed for the same speed / performance on the old P3 which is like raising threshold power by 5%. A fantastic outcome.

I would recommend anyone serious about getting comfortable, fast and more aerodynamic for TT or triathlon to use Bespoke Cycling."

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