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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Scott's Z5 SL

Scott came to us with some parts off of his 10 yr old Seven
Our task was to build something as subtle as stealthy as a custom Ti bike, but with the performance of the latest carbon wonderbikes
I think we have achieved this:

We kept Scott's DA 7900 groupset (the matte grey really suits the frame) and his wheels, but put a new cockpit on (Thomson masterpiece post and X2 stem) and my favourite EC90 bars
Pedals are the Look Keo Blades with the Ti spindles (lovely!)

We also have the new Arundel Mandible cages in the wax finish which look great on the SL frames
Pride of place on this bike is the Cannondale BB30 crank and ceramic bearings
It just looks stealthy and mean; perfect for this build

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