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Saturday, 26 March 2011

A win in Australia for Bespoke Cycling

I got this email from my man Nath - he has left the UK to return back home to Oz, and looking at the pics he has sent, he made the right move indeed !!

All the best bud, and hope to see you back in the UK for hols soon
And great job !

"First race back, and a win on the board! Wicked! It was a criterium on a tight, twisting circuit, and I tried my luck with a flyer about halfway through, but was never going to hang on until the end, so after about 5 laps out in front, I sat up, and jumped back in the bunch. The final corner wasn't tight, but it was only 20m from the finish line, so I worked out I had to be 1st or 2nd wheel into that to have a chance. So, I decided to treat the last bend as the finish line, and I opened the taps in the leadup to that corner. I managed to jump about 10 bike lengths in front, and hold that through until the finish. Bonus! I even picked up a trophy for my efforts!

I've thrown in a few pictures for you, as I happened to be wearing your gear. Mark it down as a win for Bespoke Cycling!

So, the bike is obviously still going strong. I am still loving riding the bike of my dreams. I haven't changed it at all, short of throwing the Zipp 404 tubs on there occasionally for hilly races (l'alpe d'Huez Tri for example). I always have to thank you for all of your help with getting this bike sorted. It looks awesome, is setup just how I wanted it, rides brilliantly, gives me endless pleasure, and clearly, is a bloody winner!"

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