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Monday, 2 May 2011


A month ago I said to Dean that I don't know when I am in shape but I certainly now when I am out of it

In hindsight I dont think that is true
The recent bout of 4 day weekends has allowed me to get some serious mileage in, and the benefits are becoming apparent;

-when climbing its a lovely feeling to shift down a gear and dig a bit harder whenever the gradient eases off slightly - a month ago I would have just enjoyed the respite

-my bike position now feels 'high' in the drops, and I want to lower the front end by 5-10mm (remember the body does not exist in a vacuum, and your bike position should reflect the changes to your riding style and fitness)

-climbs are something to be enjoyed rather than feared - I love the 'burn' you get when pushing on, and knowing that what is hurting you is also hurting your riding buddies

-when you feel fit you are keen to go to the front and drive it on; when you are not, its vital to hide!

-when you are fit 3 hr rides are extended to 5hrs - whilst in the off season I often start with good intentions but 2 hrs in I am ready to go home.....

Hope you are all enjoying your cycling as well and heres to a successful summer for us all

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