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Monday, 9 May 2011

Why not all Ti is created equal....

In the early '90s I remember Titanium being this mythical material that only these exotic brands like Merlin were made out of
(I wanted an XLM so badly, and I think a part of the reason I founded Bespoke was so that I would never again be tortured by not being able to have my dream frame. Of course I could have gotten a normal job, earned far more money and then bought any bike I wanted but best not dwell on that......)

A decade ago having your frame made from Ti was a badge of honour, a guarantee of quality (and an eye wateringly high price tag)
Lately Ti has been devalued considerably, with lots of cheap Ti - there are loads of £700-1000 Ti frames now, so much so that people quite rightly ask what all the fuss is about with the boutique brands that we prefer to work with

Best let the experts do the talking.....

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