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Monday, 23 May 2011

Giro's new shoes - Prolight SLX

I heard about these shoes last year and then saw them at a rad show in February.
I was really impressed, but gutted when I was told there would be no free stock until August (how does that help me !!)
Imagine my joy when my Giro rep came over to finally see the new shop and said he wanted Giro in here and would make it happen pronto tonto
A week later a small batch of the new top of the range Prolight SLXs arrived

I will be doing a full test on them when I have more miles on them, and a proper comparison against my current shoes (and the industry benchmark) the SIDI Ergo 2s

First impressions could not be more favoiurable though - they feel astonishingly light, and this is confirmed by the scales of truth

100gms (or 50% weight reduction) is a huge amount at this level

More to come !!

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