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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

An email from Enda

Chaps I thought I would share this with you, if for no other reason than to inspire your winter cycling as you dream of the European summer once more....

Hi Barry and Ben,
Once again thank you for all the help with the Parlee I really enjoyed it and I have included a couple of photos including one of the Stelvio, I have climbed it twice and its the most amazing road in the world!

Thanks for the update re the Assos clothing, I received it on Friday (the day after my Birthday, too late for birthday gifts but timely for dropping Christmas hints!!!)
Its good to see that your business is expanding and that the website has improved.
I’m actually off the bike and all training at the moment – a cyclocross induced broken collar-bone, but that makes me a real cyclist now, except that through comfort eating and a lack of training I have gained a few kilos.
Have a happy Christmas and I hope to visit you guys when I am in London in 2012

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