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Friday, 25 November 2011

A re-appraisal of the toe-cover

I have never seen the point of toe-covers. They reminded me of those North Face Nuptse Vests that lots of my friends wore when I was in Scotland. If I was cold, I wanted the full jacket to keep my arms warm. Likewise when the weather warmed up (rarely I concede...) a big vest seemed bulky and overkill.
So it was neither fish nor fowl

And that is exactly the way I viewed overshoes - I was of the view its either nothing or full booties.

The benefits of running your own shop (and being an Assos Pro Dealer) is that I can justify new purchases as due diligence. You look a bit of a muppet if a customer asks if you like product x and no one in the shop has an answer apart from it looks nice!
So with that in mind I have been wearing the new Assos toe-cover everyday on my commute and on the weekend rides.

And I have loved it!

Now I do suffer from the cold, and cold hands and feet really do kill morale. But so far, even with very early starts, I have had no issues with my toes at all. But likewise when the weather warmed up around 11 am I have not felt massively cumbersome and over-dressed. They also keep my expensive shoes in far better condition than would otherwise be the case around the lanes of Kent and Surrey.
I have been advised that this years model has a far better rubber gripper and so far they have not moved an inch but time will tell on build quality. But so far they seem a great addition to the wardrobe.

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