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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Specialized BG Element Wiretap glove review

We geniunely only stock products that we rate
And to prove this I want to start doing far more tests/reviews. I would like this to be as interactive as possible, so if you have your own feedback (good or bad) on any products you bought from us please do email in and we can put this in a review. I want Bespoke to be as interactive a community as possible...

To start us off, here is Ben testing his new Specialized BG Element Wiretap glove

After limping along on my old iPhone 3G for 2 and a half years, finally my shiny new iPhone 4S has arrived, just in time for winter. Trying to use a touch screen phone while wearing gloves is totally impractical. Fear not though, for I have also just bought a pair of the Specialized BG Element WireTap™ Gloves. In addition to a Gore windstopper upper, they have a very clever WireTap™ system built into the thumb and fore finger. This allows the phone to detect your touch through the gloves meaning that I’ll never miss a call again while trying to take off my gloves in time. I’ve been zooming my maps when I’m lost, writing emails, all while inside the cosy warmth of my gloves. Add to that the fact that the BG pads are perfectly positioned to cushion wrists and only cost £39.99, I think they are the best value early winter gloves I’ve ridden in.

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