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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Anant's Look 566

The Look 566 is a great all-rounder from a brand with real race heritage and a huge amount of class. Look's distinctive "kink" in the top tube is testimony to their innovation and helps to make this bike stand out in a crowd, but as always there's sound reasoning behind it - the tubes are shaped to give some extra compliance and comfort.

Look have carefully balanced the mix of components to give outstanding value. Ultegra shifters up front prioritise tactile quality and pin-sharp shifting exactly where you need it most.

Always a stylish choice, Look have decided to keep the carbon weave visible, which makes for a very classy looking bike. Lime green details bring the whole thing to life.

Wishbone seat stays keep things under control for precise handling, whilst the flattened profile of the seat stays adds comfort. Combined with "sportive" geometry (longer head tube and shorter top tube) this is a bike with racing heritage that's ideally suited to long days in the saddle.

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