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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Anthony's Look 695

This is one of those bikes that looks fast standing still, and the modern spin on the classic "La Vie Claire" paint scheme really sets it off beautifully.

Look are all about integration. The integrated seatpost has an interchangeable elastomer bumper (red one pictured) which can be swapped out for different densities to make the ride stiffer or more supple.

The Aerostem stem can be adjusted to different angles, making them extremely versatile, with a wide clamping area for extra security.

Look's own ZED 2 cranks are included with the frameset, and come in one neatly integrated piece - the left and crank arms are bonded together and fitted by passing through the oversized bottom bracket in one piece, for ultimate stiffness and light weight. An elliptical insert for the pedals allows adjustment between 170, 172.5 and 175mm length without needing to change the cranks.

A neat rear triangle thanks to the rear brake being hidden away behind the bottom bracket, giving improved aerodynamics.

The front is equally neat, with the aero brake calipers seamlessly blending into the front forks.

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