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Friday, 9 May 2014

A stealthy Parlee ESX for James

We built this ESX for James to give a perfect balance between aerodynamic performance and comfort for long days in the saddle. No other frame strikes such a perfect balance, and the rest of the components have been carefully selected to do it justice. The Enve wheels are just the right depth to offer improved aerodynamics without sacrificing comfort, light enough to climb well, and with their curved profile they will handle well even on a windy day.

The ESX's distinctive shape gives superb aero benefits at the front, where they are of most benefit. The rear of the bike is still exceptionally aerodynamic and transfers power efficiently, but is also designed to be comfortable on less-than-perfect road surfaces.


A typically neat cockpit - the Bontrager bars are flattened on top for that extra aero benefit, but this also makes them especially comfy when riding on the tops.

Shimano Di2 electronic shifting has quickly established itself as the default choice for a high performance bike - fast, effective and reliable. Internal cable routing and elegant tube shapes make for a frame that looks great from any angle.

Adamo's Typhoon saddle is the perfect match for the ESX, designed with the same ethos - it's equally suited to time trials, triathlons and general road riding. With gel padding and a little extra width, it's comfy too. As always, a full Bespoke bike fit ensures that you end up on the right saddle to suit your shape and riding style.

The neatly integrated seat clamp has aerodynamic benefits, and also allows the fluted "recurve" profile to extend into the seatpost - keeping things efficient and aero all the way up. The rear brake is mounted down low, behind the bottom bracket, so it's out of the wind (and which also keeps the rear end looking neat and tidy).

Typically understated details round out a very cohesive bike.

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