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Monday, 12 April 2010

First rides in the Team kit

First weekend of riding in the new kit. Brett, Dean and I did the Essex Spring Lambs. 93 miles, in the sun (and the wind) in 4hrs30. Legs felt sore at the end. Good prep for Belgium.... Here is a slighty shaky photo taken off Brett

And the post race picnic we do every year at this event! This is my sis and Edna my wife getting it all ready as by this stage Brett and I were not in a good state. Kol, our little Ridgeback puppy, is looking on expectantly

Another shot of the official Team Mascot

Ant and Richard had an even bigger day as this was the inaugural ride on their new Dogma's. Matching kit, matching bikes = very Pro-Tour. I got a lovely email from them both saying how good the fit was, and how they good not stop grinning the bike was so good. So all in all, a great Sunday out !

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