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Monday, 19 April 2010

A glorious ride in the sun...

It seemed every man and his dog was out yesterday, all taking advantage of a lovely sunny day
I thought I would be feeling very stiff from my (non)-exploits at Hog Hill on Saturday but I was okay.
Though I did not have as much snap in my legs on the steeper climbs and Dean, my riding partner, sensed weakness and kept on pushing me! All good training I suppose
We ended up at the Ashdown forest and as I saw the ice cream van in the car park I was struck by this overwhelming desire to buy an ice cream and then lie down and have a sleep under a bush in the sun
Thats when I realized at the half way poibt, and it could be a long ride home. Two energy bars later and my sugar levels had returned and crisis was averted
Over all it was 75 miles in around 4hrs, and I came home to a family picnic and then time to lie on the sofa and fall asleep watching Amstel Gold.
With our baby due in 4 weeks or so, I am well awre that these lazy Sundays will soon be a thing of the past!

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