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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bike servicing

Many of you will already know Jean-Claude (JC) as he has developed a fantastic reputation for the quality of his work and his professional approachable manner

Let me quote one (mutual) customer

I think JC is excellent. His level of customer service is really super high. I jump at any opportunity to recommend him and everyone I know who has had contact with him speaks extremely highly of him. He seems pretty commercial and I think he really gets "it". Whatever "it" is. He is young and ambitious but with a really sound and mature approach. (I would also see his Palmares as a bit of a draw for the brand as well.)
To be honest I would see JC more as a friend than a "supplier" nowadays which is testament to just how good his customer relations are!

JC and I have worked together for over a year now, but up till now he has also had his own workshop.
Given the large increase in business we have seen here at Bespoke (and I am extremely grateful for all your support in this) it made sense for JC and I to make our arrangement more formal. I am now pleased to say that JC will be based full time here
Please give us a call/email to arrange for your next bike servicing and you can see what all the hype is about !


Unknown said...

good news for Bespoke and for everyone who knows both of you. JC has that calm professional aura abuot him that is so reassuring. Phil D

Barry Scott said...

Phil - he's less calm now that he's starting to drink as much coffee as I do !!