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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Julian's SSR

Sometimes a build comes along that takes the breath away
This is one such occasion !
The project started about 12 months ago, when Julian rode my SSR and loved it
Despite being an avowed Parlee man, there is something about modern steel which is wonderfully involving....

Whilst the XS is IF's flagship bike (and quite wonderful), I think the SSR is IF's 'best' bike
Its certainly their most distinctive one, and I love the fact that this most blue collar of companies is really pushing the way steel is perceived in the 21st century

The paint is Tokyo Pearl white paint in 3/4 with a brushed stainless steel rear end
In the sun the colour is amazing, as it 'pops' quite beautifully in the light

Here is the build in all its glory
Edge 1.25 tubs, Look Keo 2s, Vittoria Tubs, Edge bar and stem (post to come when we can get an Edge 27.2)

The SRMs....

High end gruppos are all nice, but none has the wow factor like Di2


Julian Kirby said...

Thanks to Barry for the patience, understanding and good advice and to JC (LoveBikes) for the sweet build. Julian

Julian Kirby said...
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Gary Smith said...

amazing bike, love the paintjob.
pics could be better :-)

Barry Scott said...

Gary - after seeing your work I agree I have miles to go !