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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wet, dry and Fast

My friend Brian sent me a photo of his 3 Parlee's. He titled it "Wet, Dry and Fast''. Very cool!

The pink bike was the first build we did together - its a custom with a very stiff tubeset. Given Brian is a big strong guy, we wanted to make this the stiffest, yet most compliant 'race rocket' we could. I think a nice touch is the 'T-Mobile' isue SRM we sourced to match the pink decals. The pink Chris King hubs and HS and pink Speedplay pedals complete the look !

The blue bike is the every day bike, and was one of the first bikes we did that could take full mudguards. This bike is effectively a prototype of the Z1 Tour Parlee now offer as a model. Its not as stiff as the pink bike, better suited to those commuting miles....

The TT bike is Brian's weapon of choice for Ironman events. He is called 'Diesel' so plenty of chance to get comfy and get those big legs turning away !

One of the very best things about my job is getting to meet people like Brian. We first met two and half years ago when he popped into the studio for a bike fitting. He was actually my very first customer in our N1 location! Now we have weekly conversations about everything and anything. When my wife is off work, and has the chance to see what I do all day, she cannot believe how much time I spend on the phone! She says I am worse than a girl, especially when she hears me discussing vital issues like what colour bottle cage accents we should get for a bike..... She has no idea how important these issues are !!

I love my job, the bikes we get to build, the people I get to meet and the friendships that then develop

Anyway thanks again Brian for all your support and friendship - heres to more great years ahead....

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