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Sunday, 14 February 2010

A ride by myself

Today's reliability trial was called off due to snow - conditions were very treacherous around some of the lanes. I decided I needed to do some exercise today so ended up doing a very cold and wet 3 hours by myself. Who said cycling wasn't sexy?

Some of the lanes were very dodgy indeed - I almost lost it spectacularly coming down Shelley lane. With the snow falling heavily and visibility dropping, I pretended I was Andy Hampsten in the Giro !!!

As it was so bleak I decided to warm myself up by doing as much climbing as I could
So the route I did took in: Cudham Lane, Star Lane (repeat *2), Toys Hill, Ide Hill, Polhill

All in all I was out for 2hr 57 mins, I then rode round the block twice to get past 3 hours. I am a grown man in my thirties now - why am I so childish?

With the weather so miserable this month I have done little commuting and have gotten to work by train - so that is 10 hrs a week of base riding I have lost out on. But I am increasingly beginning to think this is a net gain, as it mans I feel guilt enough to do a roller session when I come home - and that is a far more productive use of training time

Today I felt really good out there, especially given its only Feb. I was really pushing on the climbs with Brett's mantra of "base riding is over" ringing through my ears. Less positive was the fact that one of my clients has asked if anyone can do star Hill in under 4 minutes - I am still well off of that pace. Furthermore I remember reading Matt Seaton say that when he is fit he likes to 'Big Ring' it up Ide Hill. My friend Brett likes to do so as well, but I am still far happier putting it in the 39 and spinning up.

Must get stronger !


mrfish said...


I just got sent on a 9 week work project in Bahrain. It's 27 degrees C and no snow has been seen since the last ice age.

Looking forward to riding my lightweight summer gear for the first time since September this weekend.

Ant said...

My base ends next week. I'm looking forward to some pain :)

Unknown said...

ide hill isn't so bad.. pends on what ratio he is packing on the back eh. 53x25 would give you <70inches no?

conversely - how long does cudham hill take you - I'm aiming for below 12mins from bottom to start of Sundridge

Barry Scott said...

Hi Tim - Cudham is a far more to my liking. Its a hill that 'flatters you', some just make you hate yourself for being so week !

Andrew -bet you have come bang down to earth this week !

mrfish said...

Yes, Did 6 hours from end to end of the island. Now have some rather pink tan lines. It was supposed to be about 4.5 hour ride, but the highways department thinks nobody is stupid enough to ride a bike in a place where petrol costs less than water and it reaches 50 deg C at mid summer, so they build uncrossable 6 or 8 lane highways down and across the island with flyovers and motorway junctions.

At 5.30am I braved a few motorways, but on the way back did a bit of backtracking and cyclo cross to avoid the craziest junctions.

Oddly enough the only people mad enough to ride bikes here are addicts and poor people. QED.