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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Welcome Pinarello.....

I am really pleased to announce that we have increased our family of frame brands to four, and thus we are now Central London's exclusive Pinarello dealer.

Pinarello will need no introduction to you all. The Dogma is certainly a stunning bike technically, one whose appearance certainly divides opinion like no other bike out there. Some people think it too flash and prefer the classic looks of a Parlee. But there are others who simply love the boldness of the design and colours. It cannot be denied that the bike looks amazing in the flesh
Even more important to me is the way it rides and handles. I have always loved the Pinarello geometry and have a 2004 Dogma (the old Magnesium one) which I have based many of my future custom Parlee and IF frames off of.

Here is the first Dogma we have built up - I am pleased to report that the lucky customer is thrilled

Pinarello is the first time we have worked with a European builder, and such a famous company. I think it is a get fit for us, expecially with the Team sky tie up and think that the frames over us a genuine Pro-Tour brand to show our clients. Its not a bike that will cannibalize our carbon Parlee sales - they command very different audiences (and passionate audiences).

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