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Monday, 3 May 2010

Monday's ride

Monday was a holiday here in the UK so I went out with Dean for a ride
There is a Scottish saying about having 4 seasons in an afternoon, and thats what it was like today
We started off and it was okay, then started to pour with rain, then it was very sunny and then we had hail....
The only constant was a very cold and strong wind

This is a photo of Dean on his Kent Eriksen as we were coming back home through Pilgrams Way

We agreed it would only be a 2 hour ride or so, but these things never are and we ended up doing a nice 60 miler
It was great to come home with that in the bag and feeling very fresh - I remember in winter when that would have been a long day out !

Busy week in the shop coming up, but Jean wants to leave work tomorrow early enough so that we can do a track session at Herne Hill. He says its a proper work out so I am slightly scared !

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