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Sunday, 2 May 2010

TIME for a change...

I love my puns....

2010 has been a momentous year so far and, touch wood, shows no sign of slowing down

We are really pleased to now announce we are the central London dealer for Time
Like Pinarello, I have admired Time for a long time
When the VXRS won Race Bike of the Year I bought a VXR and loved it
That was a big award to win (which was why it feel slightly surreal to be part of the process that led to the Parlee Z3 winning the award a couple of years later!)
The bike was stiff, jaw droppingly light and very comfortable

So its come full circle that I will now be back on a Time to compliment all the other demo bikes we have here
This is my RXR and my new set of Boras we bought for demo use
So please come down and see them in the flesh

This makes the line up here complete
We have still much to do to bring the whole experience up to the level we ultimately aspire to, but step by step we are getting there

I think our current frame line up can compare favorably to any shop in the world and I am really proud of how we have taken our time to secure the brands we wanted to work with and not rushed into things

Independent Fabrication

One could argue that we are very 'top heavy' and dont have enough cheaper frames. But that simply misses the point of what we aspire to be. We are bike geeks at heart, and only want to build and sell bikes we have a passion for. These are not commodities for us !

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