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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My 'Team' bike

I often get asked what I ride
I sheepish admit I have 8 or so bikes that fit me, and thus I swap around depending on how I feel
However now I will be able to answer I ride one bike exclusively
Its my new Parlee Z5 in Bespoke Racing paint scheme

I like the chainstay decals as well !

I think it looks great and am really pleased with how it matches the team kit and the team saddles as well !

Thanks again to Jean for building the bike so beautifully. Though he does lose marks for asking me (and I quote) "when you have so little power why do you need to be reminded of this"

These are my brand new Zipp 303 tubs. Very excited to get these finally. They will be my do it all race wheels and I even plan to race cyclo-cross on them this winter. When the new 404 carbon clinchers arrive I will have use them for more aero events and day to day training. But the 303s will be perfect for crits and hillier events


Jbucky said...

very nice indeed

Wild Swans said...

it resembles the IF paint job. was it by chance, or did it inspire you?

anyway it looks very sharp