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Sunday, 2 May 2010

"So pleased"

I got a lovely email from Nick this week
I sold a Z4 to his friend Caroline a while ago, and Nick and I have been talking about a possible bike for a number of years
This year he is racing less and thus does not have a sponsored ride. As such he was free to chose and buy what he really wanted
We were very pleased that he chose to give us a call and in March he came down for a fitting on the Z4

He built the bike up with existing its and has done a great job - DA 7900 and Mavic Carbones makes for an amazingly stiff and responsive race machine.

He came down with his existing Bontrager bars and 12cm stem and we thought they would be a straight swap
We did a fitting on the turbo but with the new DA hoods I did not like where his hands were resting and thought shallow compact bars and a 11cm stem would be perfect

We respectively disagreed on this matter! Trying to get a racer to go shorter, and effectively higher in the drops, than they are used to takes alot of persuasion
As you can see in the photo he decided against my advice initially

But a week later he decided to try the more compact set up and I sent up a set of my favourite bars (Easton EC90 SLX3s) and an 11cm and 12cm stem. That seems to have done the trick and he is really pleased

Anyway, I got a lovely email from Nick which just goes to show good things come to those who wait
He jokes he was "high maintenance" but in reality he was/and is a joy to work with
I always tell people that the more information you can tell me the better able we are to do our job
And if you give us lots of information and we cannot get what you want the failing is ours, not yours

Nick has since ordered lots of team kit and water bottles for himself and a friend and I told Nick he has been christened our Northern ambassador and is now addressed as 'Spartacus of the North'
You can tell Nick is from the North - he addresses us as a bike shop, and not as the Cycling Studio or better yet Cycling emporium that us Hoxton types prefer !!

Morning mate.
Last night I actually rode this bike pretty hard for the first time on one of the local chaingangs 27mph + most of the way
In my weakened state I only pulled a few turns but I just have to pass comment.
Now I dont know whether its down to the bike or the fact that you dialed the fit in just perfectly but I cant actually remember a bike that rides as nice as the Z4 does, it soaks up the crappy road surfaces, seems to just float across them, handling is solid and predictable and accelerates really well both seated and standing, climbs nice too even with my winter plumage still in evidence.
It was also nice to be on a bike brand that has that mystique that only the lower volume brands can muster, like the Italian brands used to have before thay started doing £1000 chunkers with Sora on them. It stands head and shoulders above the faceless Scotts and Giants that get chopped out by the big shops.
So thanks for sorting everything out and putting up with me being rather high maintenance, just goes to show a bike shop doesnt have to be local to give awesome service!!


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