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Friday, 14 May 2010

Phil's Ti IF Crown Jewel

Phil must be on of IF's most loyal customers - I count this as his 5th IF. Its certainly the third bike we have worked on together
The design brief was very simple - to keep the bike as classic and clutter free as possible
So we went for a simple black panel with white script, an Edge fork with no decals and Neutron Ultras for an 'old school' look.
The cockit was Deda Campione and Thomson (Phil's favourite and on his last three bikes)
The groupset was Super Record
Saddle and bar tape was Brooks leather, for that touch of vintage quality

I think its a cracking build and wish Phil many happy miles

I love the extra touches IF add, like the Sterling Silver Headbadge

IF has a well earned reputation for best in class paint

The welds aren't bad either !

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