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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Brett's Day 3 - sense of humour failure

Big sense of humour failure from me, waking up to the prospect of an aquathlon... That's swim and run for those who haven't done one..

The day began at 7:10 on the beach, couldn't have been less up for it. Simulating a race start, we had a mass start from the beach, and hit the water pretty fast. I was swimming way too fast initially over first 150m and then found I was out of breath and off course. Had to calm myself down and try and regain some composure and get into the 2 lap swim.

After lap 1 we exit the water run up the beach around a marker and get back in for lap 2, I still had a proper grump on and walked to the marker and back in, seems funny now thinking back about my grumpy little protest. Second lap was better, relaxed into the swim and swam ok.

Jogged very slowly upto transition, leisurely change into trainers, 2:16 transition, still a bit of a grumpy protest going on...

Out on the run (4k) was slow to start but soon got going, and actually started enjoying it, and ran through the group to 3rd place 5 secs off the best run split, and enjoyed the finale ;)

Bike ride out to tabaesco for a mountain time trial. This was good fun, hard on a TT bike, I was the last away and my legs had gone cold, the first 2k was probably hardest, I felt like i was riding hard all the way, the sweat was dripping onto the inside of my sunglasses, which is usually a sign that I am going hard enough.. Now I'll say going uphill flat-out on a TT is hard, but looking at my heartbeat now I see I could have gone harder, could only manage 4th on the day, pah.

From the top, we extended the ride around la Santa which was fun, I got a couple of hours in the aero bars on winding roads which was good practise and great fun...

Another great day, but boy the tiredness is always there, it's tough doing all 3 sports every day, I really hope I am getting stronger, am certainly putting in the effort...

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